We are mortal people, at some point everything dies or withers away. BUT the words never die, the writings are and will always be immortal.

Words are just words if not beaded into a sentence and sentences are just sentences if not woven into a STORY. This page is all about picking up the scattered emotions, unsaid feelings and write them to make them immortal.

Listen to your Heart..!!

We listen the chatter of the world but filter out what we need and want. We write what you want to read.

Speak from the Heart..!!

We speak out the unspoken truths. We write what the Worlds needs to read.

Write from the Heart..!!

We write what we want. Poetry is something that comes directly from the heart.

Why You’ll Love Us

  • Original
  • Ethical
  • Heartfelt
  • Relatable
  • Easy to Understand

There is never been a better time to be original than NOW. What I write is not duplicated or a polished version of something old.

Some of the latest writings…!!

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    We all love coffee. Hands down!! But did you know, coffee is not just for our sleepy brains, but it turned out it has magical effects on skin too..!!Many beauty care products use coffee as their core ingredient for the… Continue reading Coffee face mask