Everyone Has A Story To Share. Some are in words or a picture and some are left unsaid.

Words are just words if not beaded into a sentence and sentences are just sentences if not woven into a STORY. This page is all about picking the scattered emotions and unsaid feelings of a lost individual.

What We Do

Listen to your Heart..!!

We listen the chatter of the world but filter out what we need and want. We write what you want to read.

Speak from the Heart..!!

We speak out the unspoken truths. We write what the Worlds needs to read.

Write from the Heart..!!

We write what we want. Poetry is something that comes directly from the heart.


In This Blog..!!



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Why You’ll Love Us

There is never been a better time to be original than NOW. What I write is not duplicated or a polished version of something old.

  • Original
  • Ethical
  • Heartfelt
  • Relatable
  • Easy to Understand

Some of the latest writings…!!

  • Love at First Sight !!
    When I saw youFor the first timeYou were so beautifulThat it should be a crime!! In the midst of dark cloudsYou were my sunshineFrom that momentI wanted to make you mine!! In my rainy, lonely paradiseYou came as a rainbowAnd … Continue reading ABOUT USRead more
  • If I could see you Again !!
    If I could see you again,It might bring back the pain,But still I will travel to spain,To meet you again !! You are the existence of my bane,For you I can live longer than Cain,Your smile kept me sane,I wish … Continue reading ABOUT USRead more
  • To love is…
    To love is not a task;But a choice. To love is not to hold back;But to let go. To love is not to expect;But to accept. To love is not to own;But to admire. To love is not to be … Continue reading ABOUT USRead more