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What kind of Female Leads you prefer??

Have you ever noticed that usually in a romantic or a female centered book, be it a suspense, thriller, fantasy, contemporary or a young adult genre, mostly the Female Leads are pretty, beautiful and easy to fall in love with.

If you pick a book, you will find around 95% of the time she is beautiful to the boot. There is nothing wrong in that, all I am wondering is why always. If the story is about her features being less than average and still finding love than its a totally different matter like ‘The DUFF’ by Kody Keplinger.

Keeping this in mind I conducted a Poll survey on my twitter page @agarwalanurika. The question was –

Poll Question

And the options were

  • Strong minded and outspoken
  • Timid and loner
  • Beauty with brains
  • Butt kicking

I focused on the other aspects of the character than her physical features, to see what the readers look in a character. Also I asked them to share their opinion.

As the final result of the poll , It was concluded that readers looks for a strong minded and outspoken female lead ( writers make a note ) followed by beauty with brains and then comes the Butt kicking and timid / loner.

Final result

There could be many other options other than the above four, Tell me what do you like in a female lead!!

Through the survey I got to know some interesting facts too like-

  • They don’t actually care about the characteristics of the leads, but the quality that makes them unique, so that a reader can remember them.
  • Leads should be a perfect blend of strong, outspoken and brains with a hint of sarcasm
  • Also some considered being beautiful is a bonus with a strong personality and intelligent mind.
  • The most special; there are people who fall in the other 5% category.

There is quite a pool of writers who break the stereotype and write about the real reflection of people. Those female protagonist are seen everywhere like-

  • Tom Boy habits
  • Over Wight problem
  • Acne scars
  • Wrinkles
  • Physical disabilities
  • Or just not comfortable in her own skin

These are the writers we need to look forward to, so that we can face the reality, not some pre-cooked notion that everything is perfect. Because it is not.

What do you think about the picturing of female leads. Do tell me.

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