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Why do I write Blogs??

Hello friends,

How are you? You must be thinking that I usually post poems or stories, then how come I am talking to you today. Well, guys today I wanted to share an experience.

Just a few hours back, my 13 old brother asked me “why do you write blogs? Nobody seems much interested in them”. I was struck for minute, and started thinking ‘what should I say’ , because I haven’t actually thought about that.

At that time I just said him to go study for his upcoming exams and don’t be such nosy person. He is a little kid and seem to forget the question but then I started thinking myself the very same question.

Why do I write blogs??

The real answer to this question is

“I don’t know”

But then flashbacks started coming to me…!!

  • The first time I thought of writing blogs was because I wanted to pen down my thoughts (ramblings).
  • The first blog I wrote was “Is honesty really a good policy?” The idea came from my sister, I sought of lied to her about something ( can’t tell here) and then started blogging about the bugging question about honesty!!
  • After the 10 to 15 views on the above blog, I got hungry for more views… And hence came more posts.
  • After the success of ‘Music to me is…’ I actually wanted to be heard. I recognized the power a blog had, one of the most powerful medium to reach out the general population.
  • Lastly, after all the love and appreciation (likes) I got; I was hooked.

So, guess what little brother…you got the answer. And me too.!!

I hope you will also think back about the real reason you started writing.