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Things I am doing in quarantine!!

We all know that this is a very difficult time for all of us, but I like to see the positive in every aspect!! I know I might sound a little ignorant of the fact that so many people are sick and on the verge of dying, but still, I am going to see the flip side…!! The good side.

So many countries are in lockdown mode, can’t go out for work or leisure. I have seen on Twitter and Instagram that they are complaining about being bored out of their mind. But I won’t lie, I am actually quite enjoining the lockdown phase, because I got to spend some quality time with my family. Normally everyone’s busy in their work and commitments but right now the day is starting and ending with family. Also putting aside all the hustle of our daily routines we can spend some alone and quite time by ourselves!!

For the past week, our country is in lockdown, so I have managed to do some fun in this period and hope to continue it for next couple of weeks.

I think you should also try these activities to clear your mind and maybe laugh a little…!!

Board games

You wouldn’t believe but I actually forgot we had board games in our house, but you know how mothers are with their sharp memories. So we have played chess, ludo and snake and ladders. Oh, the fight I have with brother is something I love to do over dice moves. For the record, I am terrible at chess.


I love to play carrom. My father is literally a pro in cheating, the way he uses the striker is horrifying. He just slides the striker and then says everything is fare in love and carrom. But mind you, we don’t let him get away with it !!


In this picture I am cooking an Indian dessert called ‘Gajar Ka halwa’ meaning a sweet dish made up of carrots, milk and sugar. My sister and father loves this, they even argue for the last scrapings of the pan, both of them act like, we are living in Hunger Games when it comes to this dessert.

Learning something new!!

Meet my brother and sister. Khush (brother) is trying to play the guitar from that mobile screen (we all hail YouTube) and Sakshi (sister) is as usual scrolling through Instagram. They will kill me if they knew I clicked them..!! God save me.


The one in the back is me. You probably knew that…!! We three are enjoying the wonders of Instagram filters. So much fun. I am a terrible at clicking photos, this the sister’s is clicking.


I know it’s a little messy, but recognisable..!!


My favourite time pass game. I even managed to win this particular game opposite my father. Such a proud movement…!!

Shooting our way out!!

This is totally my brother’s arena. I am just the target practice. But I did get a few shoots in.


Last but definitely not the least, I am a Blogger, so I completed a couple of blogs, and starting on other one.

Just because I love my brother…!!

These are the few things I did this week. Now it’s your turn to tell me some things (could be anything) you are doing while under lockdown !!

Happy lockdown!!

Happy Place

36 thoughts on “Things I am doing in quarantine!!

          1. I don’t know if you’ll love it, But someone once told, any lover of literature would read it at least once. I laughed it off then. But later I stumbled upon it and read it. Hehe!

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    1. Kirsty Moseley
      Suzanne Wright
      Mariana Zapata
      Penelope Douglas
      Alice Clayton
      R l Mathewson
      Julie James

      These are my personal favourite authors, pick any book of these. Trust me you are going to love them to the moon and back.

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          1. Thank you… I will definitely utilize this time for reading. My parents parents spend their income to purchase books and to educate us..

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  1. You’ve practically turned a social calamity into a family festival. Thus, beautifully expressing that happiness truly is a state of the mind. I applaud your marvelous outlook towards this grim reality!

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      1. It’s great that you try to keep him engaged that way. Give him a Netflix account, some creative task or some books, that’ll keep him busy in a fun way hopefully. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Try introducing him to stand-up comedy on YouTube. There are some really talented artists like Anubhav Singh Bassi, Zakhir Khan, etc. He’ll be all smiles and well entertained. ๐Ÿ™‚

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