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10 Of My Favourite Feelings

Thank you!

I want to thank Xandria for coming up with this awesome idea for a tag an Pooja for continuing the chain. This is such a fun way of connecting with your inner feelings, also let’s be honest- we could all use more positive things right now. This is a great way to be thankful for all the good things in your life and to remind yourself that there’s a lot of good out there.

The Rules

List out 10 of your favourite feelings! It’s honestly just that simple!

My Feelings

Baking something sweet

Whenever I am bored, my mind automatically goes to baking, doesn’t matter if it’s a cake or biscuits or anything in between. I just the love the way my kitchen smells after baking, you know the chocolatey and vanilla kind ( now I am hungry thinking about it)

Opening new books

I am literally obsessed with the smell of new books (the old ones too). My favourite kinds are hardcover, coz of that tapping sound they make. Those who follow my blog know I just acquired a new hardcover (‘Becoming’ by Michelle Obama)

Writing for my blog

Nothing gives me more pleasure than writing, that is the sole reason I started this blog !! Writers and Bloggers already know the satisfaction it brings to a soul.

Hanging with my friends

The only thing that I miss the most in Lockdown was spending time with my friends, nothing is more relaxing than the crazy company of friends. Those are the people we choose for us not god choosen like family!!

Being a kid with my siblings

I have a younger brother and a sister and both of them are bottom line insane. There are more days in a year when I want to punch them in the face, but it’s also an honest truth that I love them and every second I spend with them.

Dancing with loud Music on

Do you remember the euphoric feeling we have after a long dance session, trust me it’s crazy. Dancing is something that gives me a reason to let loose completely. Mind you, the music should be loud, no negotiations!!

Just Swinging (Amusement park)

This one needs no introduction, I can go to a park anytime. The rides could be the electronic one or just the kid ones in nearby park. I specially love the curvey slides. Someday I am going to install one in my house!!

Running in the open air

Every morning I go for a run in a nearby park (Corona has ruined that too). I love the feel of air on my face, even in winters I wrap myself up but still go for the run.

The clean smell of my laundry

I don’t know why but smell of clean and fresh clothes make me feel in control, like now I am ready to face the world (a bit dramatic but it’s true)

Travelling ( hanging out the window)

I love to travel, doesn’t matter where or the mode of transport, I just want a window seat and I am all set!! Like I already said above, I love the feel of air on my face and I make sure to have my mobile and headphones with me while traveling, can’t get over that feeling!!

Watering the plants

We have a big garden in our backyard, so naturally maintaining that piece of land is a big chore, but I really enjoy helping my father, especially watering plants because of that earthy smell, sprinkled water and fresh grass.


I have zero patience when it comes to Netflix, I can watch a series for the whole night without blinking. Right now I have atleast 30 shows (and growing) in my watchlist. I just the love the feeling of wasting my time on Netflix ( guilty pleasure)

My Nominees

This was a fun task, so to keep the ball rolling I am going to nominate some people but this is open for all and consider yourself nominated for the same, just don’t forget to tag me, I would love to know about you too (if not 10 then just a few)

Happy Feelings !!


Saumya Agarwal


Vishal Mishra

Wild Heart


One book more


Jennice Mishra


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36 thoughts on “10 Of My Favourite Feelings

  1. Wow! That’s and amazing list. Another wow because I think this is a thoughtful exercise to do at a time when a lot of people are struggling staying at home. Thanks for the nomination. I’ll share my fav feelings soon ^_^

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