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To love is…

To love is not a task;But a choice. To love is not to hold back;But to let go. To love is not to expect;But to accept. To love is not to own;But to admire. To love is not to be at first;But to share To love is not to take;But to give. To love is […]

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Share your Blog !!

Dear Friends, I am going to celebrate this moment with everyone and start a Meet and Greet event. I request you all to come together and help to rise and shine each other. Share your latest or favourite blog with a little brief and make audience range broader !! Today, my blog page ‘Words to […]

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Accept v/s Reject

Vibrant colourful world we accept, Dark n light of skin, why we reject?

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Ask me anything !!

You must have already guessed what this post is about..!! Yes, you are right, you can ask me anything (literally anything) just like Instagram. All you have to do is, ask your question in the comment section !! This is a celebration for me as I have completed 1000 views and 50 published post on […]

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Book Review : Return of the Hypotenuse

Return of the Hypotenuse by Sunil Mishra My Rating- 🌟🌟🌟🌟 Category– Basic concepts of science/maths turned into poetry. My Review- First of all a big congratulations to Sunil Mishra for having such an interesting idea about mixing Poetry with science n maths. Seriously who would have thought..!! He has taken the basic topics and converted […]

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Book Review: You Think You Know SomeOne

You Think You Know SomeOne by J.B.Holman My Rating– 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Category- Suspense / Thriller Assassination Attempt Crime Solving Political Drama Race Against Time Stand-Alone My Review- I am going to warn you guys right now only, this book will literally blow up your mind with its twist and turns till the very end even the […]