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Free as a kite

A kite flying over the treesTrees dancing to song of birdsBirds doings cartwheels in the airAir touching the grass softlyGrass holding the flowers Flowers a paradise for butterflyButterfly whispering in my earGo take a flightLike a kite..!! **** By Immortal Writings (Anurika)

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 “What is Light?” It's a globe of energy that shines brightIsn't that right?The air whispers - no child“It's much more than sunlight,It's a blessing which makes your soul ignite...!!” So, with an open heart,I start to write.. Light is the swirl of dreams and passionWe desire on a sleepy night;The struggle we endureFrom stepping stones… Continue reading Light??

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New Life

New life!! It's time for the new part of life,Will it be smooth or sharp like a knife; Welcoming the new horizon with a candle,What it will be like, wish I had an example; New city, new people, but the same old me,Oh god!! Help me to plant a new tree; Leaping with a heart… Continue reading New Life

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Is honesty really a good policy?

Are you always honest?? What is honesty and why should one always be honest? This is something I was wondering about and I am sure, at some point of time, you have also thought the same thing!! When we were just kids and learning to speak, from that very point our parents have taught us… Continue reading Is honesty really a good policy?

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The Forgotten Dream !!

Creative Mind!! Once upon a time,I had a dream;Fresh with ideas,Burning in my bloodstream !! Just thinking about it,Would make my eyes gleam;Avoiding the daily routine,Working towards the theme !! Only wanted to shine,Like a laser beam;Even decided the name,Of my dream team !! But, then a time came,I grew up out of the scheme;And… Continue reading The Forgotten Dream !!

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10 Of My Favourite Feelings

Thank you! I want to thank Xandria for coming up with this awesome idea for a tag an Pooja for continuing the chain. This is such a fun way of connecting with your inner feelings, also let’s be honest- we could all use more positive things right now. This is a great way to be thankful for all… Continue reading 10 Of My Favourite Feelings