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Stars twinkling in the Sky, Frog trying to catch the FirFly, Trees singing the night Lullaby, Night muffling the baby Cry, Air filled with the smell of ApplePie, Cocoon cracking by the ButterFly, Darkness making strangers Terrify, The dark night mysteries no one can Justify, Shadows dancing in the Alley, Moonlight making the earth Purify,… Continue reading Insomnia..!!

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The Sunshine Blogger Award!!

A big Thank you Wildheart..!! You are such a beautiful soul. Today I have been nominated for Sunshine Blogger Award for the first time. WhildHeart has such a lovely blog with beautiful heartfelt poems, especially one of her latest Hating the ex. Do check her blog..!! Rules: Thank the person who nominated you and provide… Continue reading The Sunshine Blogger Award!!

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Need of Happy colours!!

Today are the darker times Living in the pits of hell Pulling down the yellow ray of light The need arises to shine...!! These are the colours of distress, Roaming in the dark alley, Holding the white dove, Let's take the flight...!! Shouting in the burning city, With no shame or regret, Holding the red… Continue reading Need of Happy colours!!