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Free as a kite

A kite flying over the treesTrees dancing to song of birdsBirds doings cartwheels in the airAir touching the grass softlyGrass holding the flowers Flowers a paradise for butterflyButterfly whispering in my earGo take a flightLike a kite..!! **** By Immortal Writings (Anurika)

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 “What is Light?” It's a globe of energy that shines brightIsn't that right?The air whispers - no child“It's much more than sunlight,It's a blessing which makes your soul ignite...!!” So, with an open heart,I start to write.. Light is the swirl of dreams and passionWe desire on a sleepy night;The struggle we endureFrom stepping stones… Continue reading Light??

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The King’s Heir !!

The little King's Heir Just a little boy with golden hair,Playing, jumping, laughing with no care; But he knew, he has to beware,As his life is a cocktail of fanfare and nightmare; Palace guard keeping an eye from everywhere,Nothing of real value; still a billionaire; Groomed and polished with utmost care,Juggling private lessons for the mighty… Continue reading The King’s Heir !!

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A Journey For Forever

Come let's go on a journey together,Where you and me can stay forever; A place we don't have to hide in the dark corner,And can kiss you under the sunny weather; Alone just the two of us under the shelter,Your eyes would be my only mirror; With you being near, I have no fear,Will go… Continue reading A Journey For Forever

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New Life

New life!! It's time for the new part of life,Will it be smooth or sharp like a knife; Welcoming the new horizon with a candle,What it will be like, wish I had an example; New city, new people, but the same old me,Oh god!! Help me to plant a new tree; Leaping with a heart… Continue reading New Life

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The Unsent Letter

The Letter Hello dear, I hope you are doing better,Jennice here, your ex; do you remember? Black curly hair, curvey figure, don't make an error,Not saying this to be bitter; Just don't trust the memory of a cheater,You must be thinking the purpose of this letter; First I thought of getting some answers,About the relationship… Continue reading The Unsent Letter