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Poetry by a dead girl

With dreams crushed, And heart shattered. Goals unwanted; Life forced to live: Soul painfully killed. I'm breathing but not alive. I've grown so cold, Unwanted by own. With tears that have dried; And heartbeat ceased, I'm a walking dead, Smiling in between you, Like any normal girl; Who is happy and alive. For more of… Continue reading Poetry by a dead girl

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To love is…

To love is not a task;But a choice. To love is not to hold back;But to let go. To love is not to expect;But to accept. To love is not to own;But to admire. To love is not to be at first;But to share To love is not to take;But to give. To love is… Continue reading To love is…

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Lively Fountain !!

Once a lively fountain in the backyardIs now posing just as a house gaurd; Surrounded with snow fights in the month of January,Is now just a faded memory; Splashing water in the Sunshine,Is now only filled with wishing dimes; Home to the chirping birds,Is now broken and aged with rust; Once a lively fountain in… Continue reading Lively Fountain !!

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Choice !!

Choose me!! Oh dear !! I have loved you for thousand years, Staying away from you, I couldn't bear, I just want you to be near, Trust me, I am not a liar, I will die if you choose her, Choose me, I am your lover, We can be happy by staying here, Oh dear,… Continue reading Choice !!