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You think..!!

You think I am a bad person;Coz I am not the person you wanted You think I am selfish;Coz I want some alone time You think I am Annoying;Coz I Want to talk to you You thing I am NaggingCoz I ask you for something You think I am Obsessive;Coz I want you to think… Continue reading You think..!!

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Not Sad

It is not sad when,She is crying; It is not sad when,She is lonely; It is not sad when,She is beaten up; It is not sad when,She is rejected It is sad when,She says,'I am used to it'. **** For more similar posts click here. If you enjoyed this post don’t forget to like, follow,… Continue reading Not Sad

short stories

Spirit #vss365

Where are youI need to find youI want youCome back to meYou are my lifeI said to the empty air; I am right hereYou don't have to find meI Will always be with youJust turn around and sleepI will meet youSaid the spirit. Vermin #vss365 "Hey Lizzy, come to Earth. What are you thinking?""Nothing Mia,… Continue reading Spirit #vss365

short stories

The Art of Waiting

Waiting. Waiting is an art, very few can master. Waiting doesn't mean, you should wait for the things that are impossible or not sure ( like waiting for your ex-partner). But learn to have patience, you don't have to hurry every time. Have you ever seen a farmer digging his crops before his crops are… Continue reading The Art of Waiting