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What kind of Female Leads you prefer??

Have you ever noticed that usually in a romantic or a female centered book, be it a suspense, thriller, fantasy, contemporary or a young adult genre, mostly the Female Leads are pretty, beautiful and easy to fall in love with. If you pick a book, you will find around 95% of the time she is… Continue reading What kind of Female Leads you prefer??

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I know you from somewhereYou are someone I used to careWe both were a great pairI always knew you were thereWhat we had was rare Then I realized you have an affairYou thought I was Okey to shareI couldn't believe you could dareNow all my eyes could do is tear. Similar poem Love Address For… Continue reading SomeWhere

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If only we could say sorry

Sorry. Such a simple word, but sometimes very difficult to say. You know sorry is a very powerful word. If said nicely then it can turn the situation upside down. The only problem is how to say it. Let's try to make it easy- # Lets start with yourself - Whenever you are in such… Continue reading If only we could say sorry

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Why should I Love??

"Grandma, I have an essay to write about love,would you help me?" "Of course sweety, ask away!!" Mia thought for a second, then asked the obvious question and some more! "Did you love someone?" After listening to her question, grandma had a smile on her face and tinkling in her eyes...this subject is going to… Continue reading Why should I Love??

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People says…!

People Say's, Be a decent person, Don't talk too much Be self conscious, Don't show your emotions; Follow a certain path, Don't change your decisions; Always be responsible, selfless, Don't think of yourself; Make a iron clad plan for future, Forgot living the present; Now, I am saying... WHO are these People...?? Follow_like_commentšŸ¤—