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What will we Remember- Guest Post by Edidiong Esshiet

Image Credit: WHAT WILL WE REMEMBER - This poem is an elegy to the living & to those that are no more Will we rememberour last word, thought or gestureafter we have breathed our lastand crossed into the timeless beyond? Will we rememberthe people or the solitudethat watched with emotion filled face as we transcend?… Continue reading What will we Remember- Guest Post by Edidiong Esshiet

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I know you from somewhereYou are someone I used to careWe both were a great pairI always knew you were thereWhat we had was rare Then I realized you have an affairYou thought I was Okey to shareI couldn't believe you could dareNow all my eyes could do is tear. Similar poem Love Address For… Continue reading SomeWhere

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Not Sad

It is not sad when,She is crying; It is not sad when,She is lonely; It is not sad when,She is beaten up; It is not sad when,She is rejected It is sad when,She says,'I am used to it'. **** For more similar posts click here. If you enjoyed this post don’t forget to like, follow,… Continue reading Not Sad

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If only we could say sorry

Sorry. Such a simple word, but sometimes very difficult to say. You know sorry is a very powerful word. If said nicely then it can turn the situation upside down. The only problem is how to say it. Let's try to make it easy- # Lets start with yourself - Whenever you are in such… Continue reading If only we could say sorry

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His attention

Today is a special day, It's our anniversary day He wished me in the morning Bought me a shining car, And asked, Do you want anything else, Take my card, I smiled and said No, Coz he can't give me, What I really want, And that is, His Attention. For more poems like this, click… Continue reading His attention