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A Journey For Forever

Come let's go on a journey together,Where you and me can stay forever; A place we don't have to hide in the dark corner,And can kiss you under the sunny weather; Alone just the two of us under the shelter,Your eyes would be my only mirror; With you being near, I have no fear,Will go… Continue reading A Journey For Forever

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If I could see you Again !!

If I could see you again,It might bring back the pain,But still I will travel to spain,To meet you again !! You are the existence of my bane,For you I can live longer than Cain,Your smile kept me sane,I wish you came back again !! Memories are fading in my brain,Do you remember kissing in… Continue reading If I could see you Again !!

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Love address !!

If love had an address,Then world would not be a mess,Maybe love would be easy to express,Every relationship would be a successNo one will feel like a pawn in a chess,No more relations in work-in-progressOnly if we could get an access,To that address,Life will have no stress!!! *** If you have the above address, please… Continue reading Love address !!

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To love is…

To love is not a task;But a choice. To love is not to hold back;But to let go. To love is not to expect;But to accept. To love is not to own;But to admire. To love is not to be at first;But to share To love is not to take;But to give. To love is… Continue reading To love is…

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Choice !!

Choose me!! Oh dear !! I have loved you for thousand years, Staying away from you, I couldn't bear, I just want you to be near, Trust me, I am not a liar, I will die if you choose her, Choose me, I am your lover, We can be happy by staying here, Oh dear,… Continue reading Choice !!