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Lively Fountain !!

Once a lively fountain in the backyardIs now posing just as a house gaurd; Surrounded with snow fights in the month of January,Is now just a faded memory; Splashing water in the Sunshine,Is now only filled with wishing dimes; Home to the chirping birds,Is now broken and aged with rust; Once a lively fountain in… Continue reading Lively Fountain !!

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I know you from somewhereYou are someone I used to careWe both were a great pairI always knew you were thereWhat we had was rare Then I realized you have an affairYou thought I was Okey to shareI couldn't believe you could dareNow all my eyes could do is tear. Similar poem Love Address For… Continue reading SomeWhere

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Not Sad

It is not sad when,She is crying; It is not sad when,She is lonely; It is not sad when,She is beaten up; It is not sad when,She is rejected It is sad when,She says,'I am used to it'. **** For more similar posts click here. If you enjoyed this post don’t forget to like, follow,… Continue reading Not Sad

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Poetry challenge

Hello friends, Let's play a game, a poetry writing. I am going to start the poem with the first line and you add up to it with your own lines (could be anything but not more then 3 - 4 lines) in the comment section. And I will edit the poem with your lines (with… Continue reading Poetry challenge

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If only we could say sorry

Sorry. Such a simple word, but sometimes very difficult to say. You know sorry is a very powerful word. If said nicely then it can turn the situation upside down. The only problem is how to say it. Let's try to make it easy- # Lets start with yourself - Whenever you are in such… Continue reading If only we could say sorry

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I started this page around a month ago and today I had my first ever 100 likes...I know this is a very very small number considering everyone out there, but friends, this is my FIRST., So I am over the moon and hope this number would keep going up. Also, I have doing a Poetry… Continue reading Hooray…