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 “What is Light?” It's a globe of energy that shines brightIsn't that right?The air whispers - no child“It's much more than sunlight,It's a blessing which makes your soul ignite...!!” So, with an open heart,I start to write.. Light is the swirl of dreams and passionWe desire on a sleepy night;The struggle we endureFrom stepping stones… Continue reading Light??

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The King’s Heir !!

The little King's Heir Just a little boy with golden hair,Playing, jumping, laughing with no care; But he knew, he has to beware,As his life is a cocktail of fanfare and nightmare; Palace guard keeping an eye from everywhere,Nothing of real value; still a billionaire; Groomed and polished with utmost care,Juggling private lessons for the mighty… Continue reading The King’s Heir !!

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New Life

New life!! It's time for the new part of life,Will it be smooth or sharp like a knife; Welcoming the new horizon with a candle,What it will be like, wish I had an example; New city, new people, but the same old me,Oh god!! Help me to plant a new tree; Leaping with a heart… Continue reading New Life

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The Unsent Letter

The Letter Hello dear, I hope you are doing better,Jennice here, your ex; do you remember? Black curly hair, curvey figure, don't make an error,Not saying this to be bitter; Just don't trust the memory of a cheater,You must be thinking the purpose of this letter; First I thought of getting some answers,About the relationship… Continue reading The Unsent Letter

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What will we Remember- Guest Post by Edidiong Esshiet

Image Credit: WHAT WILL WE REMEMBER - This poem is an elegy to the living & to those that are no more Will we rememberour last word, thought or gestureafter we have breathed our lastand crossed into the timeless beyond? Will we rememberthe people or the solitudethat watched with emotion filled face as we transcend?… Continue reading What will we Remember- Guest Post by Edidiong Esshiet