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I know you from somewhereYou are someone I used to careWe both were a great pairI always knew you were thereWhat we had was rare Then I realized you have an affairYou thought I was Okey to shareI couldn't believe you could dareNow all my eyes could do is tear. Similar poem Love Address For… Continue reading SomeWhere

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The Art of Waiting

Waiting. Waiting is an art, very few can master. Waiting doesn't mean, you should wait for the things that are impossible or not sure ( like waiting for your ex-partner). But learn to have patience, you don't have to hurry every time. Have you ever seen a farmer digging his crops before his crops are… Continue reading The Art of Waiting

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As William McDougall said in his book 'An Outline of Psychology', “Psychology is a science which aims to give us better understanding and control of the behaviour of the organism as a whole”. Well he is right, today I am just wondering about some of our behaviour, our actions and their reactions towards music... let's… Continue reading Music

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Am I the lucky one..?

People said I was lucky, afterall, Lia was my best friend, the prettiest girl, inside and out. "What would I do without you, Alex ?"She always said after a long dayThat little statement always makes my day. She shares her highs and lows with me, she comes to me for fun and comfort.The bond we… Continue reading Am I the lucky one..?

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People says…!

People Say's, Be a decent person, Don't talk too much Be self conscious, Don't show your emotions; Follow a certain path, Don't change your decisions; Always be responsible, selfless, Don't think of yourself; Make a iron clad plan for future, Forgot living the present; Now, I am saying... WHO are these People...?? Follow_like_comment🤗